Chahu Varna Ko Sanjha Updesh – 3

“After many lives as insects and worms and many lives as elephants, fishes & deers and many other species; after many lives as snakes and birds and various organisms; and then as trees for lives unnumbered, the soul is then graced with a human life, Now is it’s chance to find it’s way back to the ultimate abode & free itself from the vicious circle of births and deaths with the sole guidance of present True Master”. Realized saints of the present time reveal to us the exclusivity of powers and attributes possessed by Human beings in this entire Universe which none other species enjoy; God’s blessings on Human beings with extremely valuable gift i.e. intellect,  they are capable enough of exercising control over themselves unlike all other organisms. All True Saints and Realized Masters have always declared human beings as the supreme of all creations and urge them to realize the importance and very purpose of it.Our third add-on to the scripture “Chanhu Varna ko Sanjha Updesh” is a compilation of pragmatic teachings of Hazira Hazoor Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji which fosters the growth of all those who seek to dwell within by enabling clarity of mind, facilitating harmonious living and helping rise above prosaic lifestyle and reveal the way to impeccable contentment.