|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Beloved devotees of Lord Hare Madhav, recite with folded hands; ‘Hare Madhav'

Vaani Hariraya Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji

|| Guru Ki Sewa Sab Sukh Pooran Khana ||
|| Sewak Sewa Nitt Kamave ||
|| Nirmal Mann Sada Naam Sev Masst Laaye ||
|| Satguru Charan Ih Mann Sad Jode ||
|| So Sewak Paaye Ram Poora ||
||Sewa Aisi Nitt Karo, Nihkaami Hoye Sada Par Parwane Har Dham Hoye||
|| Staguru Sharan Ih Sev Te, Sabahu Param Gatt Paayi ||
|| Kaacha Sewak Adhogatt Paayi ||
|| Ih Karo Tu Sada Vichara ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Aisi Sev Sada Maange, Hare Madhav Purakha Piyare ||
|| Jyon Sev Karaave Taisi Haun Kariye ||

“Service of Lord True Master grants us eternal blessings”

Beloved devotees of Lord Hare Madhav! ‘Hare Madhav’ to all of you. In the lotus feet of Emperor True Master, we sinful lowly beings offer love and faith; O Master! Please accept.

The Possessor of Bhajan Simran Satguru Baba IshwarShah Sahib Ji vocalizes in Sewa Vaani -

|| Guru Ki Sewa Sab Sukh Pooran Khana ||
|| Sewak Sewa Nitt Kamave ||
|| Nirmal Mann Sada Naam Sev Masst Laaye ||

In Hare Madhav Sewa Bhaav Santmat Vachan Prakash 568 His Holiness vocalizes, O disciples! Each service (Sewa) bestowed by the Lord True Master possesses an abundant treasure of happiness; it bestows us beings with our desired fruits; such Sewa is the giver of inner bliss. Sewa of the Accomplished True Master lessens the burden of our Karma.

When we come to the Gurughar and attend the Hare Madhav Satsang, we often hear about the experiences & instances from countless devotees about the True Master’s grace and glory of His Sewa and how incredibly they have prospered their worldly life as well as their spiritual journey through Sewa as per the True Master’s command. O beings! A True Sewak must consistently devote his body in the service of True Master’s command and engage his mind in the service of meditating upon Satguru Naam. We get the precious opportunity of the True Master’s service with the mercy and grace of Hare Madhav Lord. By making us serve physically, He balances our karmic account and through the service of our mind and soul by meditation upon the Holy Word Naam, He merges us with the Supreme. His Holiness further vocalised:-

A True disciple always tethers his mind to the Lord True Master. By constantly remembering the grace & Leelas of True Master, he protects his mind from wandering in the worldly illusions. The devotees who commit their mind and body to the True Master & sincerely try to abide by the rules of Sewa, they eventually attain the Lord Almighty within themselves. Emperor True Master Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes, the blessed fortune to serve the Accomplished True Master is procured only by the mercy of Supreme Lord and not everyone is fortunate enough. A Sewak must remember that Lord True Master bestows us with Sewa and also strengthens us to fulfill it. Witnessing the glory of True Master’s service, countless people develop a keen desire to serve in His divine feet but only those fortunate enough and graced by the Supreme Hare Madhav Lord get to serve in His feet. Even if some disciples want to, their circumstances, responsibilities and worldly duties don’t let them serve the True Master. O, dear! Those who intend to seek the grace of Sewa can procure it through consistent and devoted prayers to the Lord True Master while those already blessed with such True Sewa should keep pleading to the Lord True Master to bestow immense strength & humility in Sewa.

Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes the right way of serving the True Master in this Sewa Vaani-

“Sewak Arj Karo Guru Charnan”
“Sewak Bhagat Drudh Paave, Guru Vachan Gurumukh Pyaare”
“Guru Kahe Sewak Main So Maanu, Vachan Guru Ka Drudh Kamaave”
“Kahe Narayan Shah Suno Re Saadho, Sewak Ke Jo Eh Gun”
“Soi Mera Saacha Seekh Sevak Kahaave, Baaki Sab Karat Hai Swaanga”

Lord Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, the saviour Lord often narrates divine sermons, divine instances with the motive of eradicating the beings’ inner darkness & confusions and extending them with the joy of meditation upon Satguru Naam. Also, their devotion towards the True Master deepens, that shall help them develop firm faith and love towards sermons and teachings of Lord Hare Madhav; a being’s faith, affection and loyalty for the True Master shall always remain steadfast and he shall never get influenced by the societal forces or self-willedness. His Holiness, through mystic sermons, guides the souls of all kinds and enlightens their path.

Sadhsangat Ji! The Possessor of Bhajan Simran, Lord True Master possesses Tatva Drishti (divine vision). Just like a professor aims at educating the students precisely to help them progress, similarly Lord True Master, through His indescribable earnings of Parmatva, guides us and enlightens our spiritual path. Behind each & every spectacle, Vaani and sermons of Lord True Master, lies the welfare of all the beings. Hence all of us beings, Sewaks or disciples must listen to the instances, sermons, Hare Madhav Bhanga Sakhi Updesh and imbibe them with all our heart. By imbibing them, we can deepen the love, faith & devotion for the True Master.

O seekers of Hare Madhav Lord! O disciples, children, Sewaks present near or afar! Keenly imbibe these sermons of Lord True Master. Whenever the Accomplished Lord True Masters initiate the upliftment of beings, the evil Kaal tries to distract the beings from the true path. But, the savior Lord True Masters, through Their mystic sermons, divine Vaanis & profound wisdom, bestows the skill to conquer the Kaal. O disciples! Let us imbibe the mystic & pious, common-for-all sermons vocalized by Hare Madhav Satguru in the Hare Madhav Bhanga Amrit Vachan Sakhi Updesh.

Sadh Sangat Ji! The Hare Madhav Bhanga Amrit Vachan Sakhi Updesh 130, ‘Satguru Seva Ahnish Fal Deve’ states a wonderful instance through which we all can learn the way to serve the True Master and how it fruits us eternally. Let us listen to it carefully while meditating upon the Naam within & engross ourselves in the True Sewa.

Ever since the Possessor of Bhajan Simran Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji has revealed the spiritual path to all, the beings have been benefitted with the precious opportunities of Sewa. Every day, with the dawn break,  the masses of disciples pay their attendance in various Sewas.

The elders, women, men, youngsters and children humbly join their assigned Sewas like meditation centre Sewa, Kirtan Sewa, Satsang Sewa, cleaning Sewa, Jal Sewa (water), Paduka Sewa (footwear keeping), Bhandar Prasad Sewa (mass meals), dish washing Sewa, management and various other Sewas, as per the commandment of True Master.

It is stated, a disciple drenched in love of Lord True Master would come to Hare Madhav Darbar Sahib every day for Sewa. He had been coming for months but always looked worried & stressed because he was not able to sustain his livelihood from his business. Even when in Sewa, he would plead within to the Lord True Master, “O compassionate Satguru! I am in deep sorrow, my poor income does not help me sustain my family’s livelihood. I never abstain from Sewa and do it wholeheartedly. O gracious Master! I can see no way out, I’m lost in the maze of mind; have mercy on me, the poor being.”

And when he’d come in the pious feet of His Holiness Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, he’d plead the same, to which his Holiness would always reply, “Keep coming for the Sewa, you shall be blessed.”

O beings! Lord Satguru is omniscient; He is well aware of everyone’s anguish and karmic accounts. According to the burden of karma upon the beings, His Holiness grants spiritual aid of Sewa which lightens their karmic burden.

His Holiness vocalizes, O beloved disciples! Everyone has to undoubtedly bear the fruits of their own karma, but the Sewa & devotion towards True Master minimizes the ill effects of karma upon us. Thus, obey the commandments of Lord True Master. Whether it pleases you or not, your welfare is certain only in the obeisance.

Time passed by, though the disciple would do Sewa physically, his mind kept losing hope and peace. O dear! When a being joins the holy company of Lord Satguru & devotes himself to the Master’s Sewa, the evil Kaal tries to mislead him; and the same happened with that disciple. The evil Kaal’s only job is to mislead the beings from the spiritual path; through various distractions, thus creating waves of negative thoughts in a being’s mind. And the same happened with that disciple. His interest & longing for Sewa started to fade, doubts & confusions struck upon his mind. One day, he thought that even after doing Sewa for long, his miseries hadn’t ended, so he would not come for Sewa from then onwards. He got carried away by his mind and negativity & ill-thoughts brewed against the sewa as well as the Lord True Master. He finally decided not to come for Sewa.

As he stepped out of the Hare Madhav Darbar Sahib, he heard a voice saying, “O dear! What happened? Where are you going?” When he looked back, there was no one around. He thought maybe it was a delusion. When he stepped ahead, he heard the voice again, O friend! Where are you going? He again turned back and moved in the direction of the voice. To his amazement, he noticed that it was coming from one of the earthen pots placed at the drinking water area in the Darbar Sahib. The disciple was astonished to see the earthen pot speak; extremely terrified, he again heard the voice from the pot, “Friend! It’s me, don’t be scared. I saw you giving up and losing the love for Sewa of Lord True Master; why such apathy? Is this because you think Sewa is unfruitful to you? You have already given up? Even the Sewa of picking even a particle grants us with infinite fruits. Have patience and faith.” The disciple was in awe as to how a mere pot knew about his thoughts. While the disciple was continuously gazing at the pot with wonder snd fright, the pot spoke up, “O friend! The path of Sewa & devotion is profound & mystic; it is not easy to tread upon, you have merely begun this journey. To abide & accept the sweet will of True Master is the paramount Sewa. Perform Sewa by accepting every situation whether joy or sorrow as the Lord’s will, only then your Sewa shall be accomplished.” The wonderstruck disciple kept pondering that how a pot could speak? The wonderstruck disciple kept pondering that how a pot could speak? Somehow he mustered the courage to ask the pot, “How do you know all this?” To which the pot replied smilingly, “O Beloved! Forget about that, let me narrate you my life journey.”

The worried disciple said hesitatingly, “Yes please tell”. The pot began to narrate, “Only Lord Hare Madhav knows the amount of pain & hardship I have borne.” The disciple asked, “Hardships and pain to you, how come?” The pot replied, “Dear! Initially, when I was in the form of soil, I had been lying outdoors in forests for years, the scorching heat would burn me in summers, and the chilly winters would freeze me to the core, during rains, I would rove as mud here & there, the wild & fierce animals would trample me under their feet, this was my life full of constant miseries and pain. I had no one to ask my state.”

“Once His Holiness Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji passed through the same forest, and when His pious feet walked over me, my fate turned completely. I realized all this much later that how vast is the grace of His Holiness, full of mercy & blessings.” The disciple asked, “How come?” So the pot replied, “After a while, a potter came along, dug the soil and took me home. Even this process was painful and unbearable for me, then he scrunched me with his feet, mounted over a wheel, put me in a mould & turned me miserable beating inside out. This was not the end of his process.” Devotee asked, “What happened next?”

The pot told, “He unmounted me from the wheel and left me in the sunlight to bake. At that moment I prayed, “O Lord! Why is this happening to me?” I was better off in the forest than this, at least the hardships and pains were less than here. I kept pleading to the Lord.”

Dear Sadhsangat! Only the Lord True Master knows about His blessings, His timing of showering those blessings upon us, for only He knows our karmic accounts from the past. Where lies the betterment of disciples is not hidden from the True Master, but a being’s mind gets easily captivated by the delusions & doubts, and it develops distrust towards the True Master’s blessings.

His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji taught about this through divine sermons-

“Man Ke Jeete Jeet Hai, Man Ke Haare Haar”

Devotee asked the pot, “Then what happened, when you were pleading, did the potter show any mercy?” The pot replied sadly, “No No, after baking, the potter put me into forge, and then I thought that my end is near. I was burning in the fire, and began praying to God, O Lord! This potter has no mercy on me, but You are all savior, don’t you have any pity on my miserable state? What is my sin, which heavy sin from the past am I being punished for? Free me of this agony, mercy on me Lord, forgive my sins O Lord. I bore all these hardships and many doubts arose in my mind for the True Master’s grace that it was only after He touched me that I have being suffering? I was swayed with these filthy thoughts, but after a few days, he took me out of the forge & placed me upon straw at night, then the calmness of moonlight provided me some relief. In the morning he washed me with cold water which soothed me, now I was happy and calm.

O Devotee! Ever since, I have not suffered any pain, I am always calm, no matter where I am placed, I am always full of serenity. I always provide cold water even if I am poured with hot water, now I have turned cool inside out, my nature is now filled with joy and calmness, and I realized that ever since Holiness Satguru Ji blessed me with the holy dust of His pious Feet, my fate changed, the dark clouds of sorrow faded and the dawn of bliss rose, all the agonies & misconceptions vanished, and only the compassion of the Satguru prevailed. It was my immense fortune that when the potter sold me in the market, I was bought by a devotee to serve in the Hare Madhav Darbar Sahib and since then I have been used to store and serve cold water to the devotees.

“When I came here, I got the holy glimpse of Lord Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, I was overwhelmed with joy, I felt blessed that with mere holy dust of His Holiness’s lotus feet, I, the unworthy soil was shaped in a beautiful pot and became fortunate to be able to serve others. I feel so privileged to do Sewa of the True Master’s court His devotees. I also feel guilty that I allowed my mind to doubt the grace of True Master. Lord True Master is merciful & He knows what is right for us; we are bound to suffer owing to our past Karma, but His Holiness always shelters us with His saviour’s hands & supports us visibly or invisibly.”

“O, Dear Friend! You are immensely fortunate to have procured this precious human birth; I am made of a single element still I consider myself to be immensely fortunate that although I bore countless sufferings, eventually I have been blessed to serve Him. Serving my Satguru, I will be able to attain higher birth in the future.”

“You have got the precious human birth of five elements as well as the rare opportunity of Sewa, and you want to deprive yourself of this just because of worldly miseries & temporal wealth. Beloved! On the path of Sewa and devotion towards Satguru, the sufferings that you get in life according to your previous karma, accept it as True Master’s will. By making us perform Sewa, the True Master lightens the burden of previous karma enabling the soul progress on the spiritual path. Abide by His will because the Lord True Master knows the state of each of His devotees and He, the merciful All-Father takes care of them visibly or invisibly.”

Listening to such glory, the disciple was in tears and all his agonies, miseries & disappointments disappeared. He sat down near the pot and caressed it, expressed his gratitude wholeheartedly by saying, “O Friend! You have saved me from diverting from the True Master’s path and have shown me the right way to live life in service & the sweet will of True Master. I shall not leave the pious shelter of my Satguru till the end. No matter how many storms of sorrows come in life or troubles beset me, I shall not refrain from Sewa & devotion; I shall never part from the lotus feet of Lord Satguru. I shall accept the outcomes of my previous birth as the True Master’s will and serve Him remaining in His blissful shade with utmost dedication throughout my life. I shall deepen my devotion towards the Satguru.

From the bottom of our heart, our only plea in the pious feet of Lord True Master is-

“Charan Kamal Bharosa Tera”
“Main Charan Kamal Ka Banda Hoon, Sewak Main Mann Ka Manda Hoon”
“Charan Kamal Ganga Syon Nirmal, Satguru Charan Hoye Basera”

The disciple looked at the pot and said, “After so long, my mind is finally at peace and soul is contented. I had lost hope for no reason and got swayed by my mind. Now I’ve realized that I’m very blessed to have procured the refuge of Lord True Master, now I have nothing to worry about.”

The disciple continued his Sewa with love & consistency and engrossed himself in true devotion. Once, when His Holiness True Master was seated on the Takhat at the Guru Darbar Sahib, the disciple came to His Holiness and cried deeply. His Holiness placed His hand upon the disciple and vocalized, “Will you ever deviate again? Will you turn your back again on the True Master and the Sewa?” Listening to these Vachan, the astonished disciple kept crying and gazing at Him. He prayed, “O True Master! Forgive me, shall I always be in Your refuge; shall I never be entrapped by mind; shall I always serve abiding by Your will. Bless me such that even if my body perishes, my soul shall continue to serve you.” The disciple kept weeping in such realization, “All this was a divine spectacle of my beloved Master to align me back to the true path. In the form of that earthen pot, my True Master blessed me with the wisdom to not deviate from the true path and saved my life.” He bowed in the lotus feet in gratitude. His Holiness vocalized, “O dear! As you start to devote yourself to the True Master’s Sewa, your attachment from this untrue world diminishes. The deeper you dive in the devotion and service, the fascination of this illusory world shall fade away; it certainly happens with all the disciples. O, dear! As a kite flies higher in the sky, it keeps losing its connection with the land. This example  mystically contains the glory of Satguru Sewa.” The disciple pleaded humbly, “O True Emperor! Bless me that all of me shall be devoted to Your service forever.” His Holiness mercifully vocalized, “Keep serving, you shall be graced.”

Sadh Sangat Ji! Whenever the beings are carried away by their mind or evil Kaal, the Lord True Master mercifully cautions and awakens them through various spectacles so that the beings hold firmly on to the righteous path. The True Master keeps them adhered to the spiritual journey through His divine sermons, scolding, spectacles, or various other forms of blessings; and uplifts and saves them from being deviated. When the fellow disciple was being swayed away by Kaal, His Holiness True Master awakened him through this spectacle of compassion. The disciple realized the glory of True Master & Sewa. Till today, he wholeheartedly serves at the True Master’s court regularly with love and faith. He has progressed financially as well as spiritually. His entire family is engaged too in the True Master’s service.

O beings! The disciples who are selflessly engrossed in the True Master’s Sewa, the saviour True Master always protects them. Therefore, always follow the commands of Lord True Master in all possible ways. Consider your pain and sufferings as Lord`s will, stay engaged in Sewa, for this is the duty of a true disciple.

Sadh Sangat Ji! While serving, one must have kindness, love & harmony for this grants you with the grace of True Master. Never be lazy in His service. A Sewak must always abide by the True Master’s commands. Do not waste this precious life, engage yourself in True Master's devotion and service selflessly to make your life worthwhile. Always pray, “O True Master! I shall be in Your refuge forever.” Never turn your back on the True Master. O beings! You shall certainly face societal beliefs or opinions because it is difficult for Kaal to deviate us through one mind and so it takes the help of other minds as well like family members’, society & so on, but the Sewak who, ignoring all societal interference, firmly holds onto his faith in the True Master’s feet is benefitted in this world as well as the world after. Hence it is stated in SantVaani-

“Hari Sewa Krit Sau Baras, Guru Sewa Fal Chaar”
“To Bhi Nahi Barabari, Vedan Kiyo Vichar”

Through the service of the True Master, the malignant mind becomes pure, all the ailments are cured, withered inner self flourishes with the devotional. Develop utter faith in the holy company of Accomplished True Master and serve with firm dedication. The Lord True Master always takes care of His disciples. Only the Lord True Master is the true companion of the soul, in this world and the world after. To abide by the command of True Master is regarded the supreme Sewa. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji vocalized such sermons that the beings who deviate from the True Master’s path under the influence of Maya or ego, or the false devotees who speak ill of the True Master and become slanderers, their life becomes dreadful; their soul doesn’t settle in either of the worlds. The entire life of such slanderers becomes miserable and they die a painful death. Their soul is thrown into the flaming cauldron of hell and keeps wandering in the cycle of birth & death. The Present True Master vocalizes in the Satsang Vaani-

|| Kaacha Sewak Adhogatt Paayi ||

The Accomplished True Master wishes to save us beings from the marsh of mind and bathe them in the elixir, sometimes through loving words and sometimes through endearing divine scolding but the beings under the influence of the ill-mind and wrong company, do not understand the benevolence of the True Master and stay self-willed; the Kaal plays such tricks that a being develops ego in Sewa and foolishly regards himself as a true Sewak. And when the True Master endearingly scolds him, he tries to claim himself as the true disciple out of ego and instead blames back the True Master. He blabbers overlooking his own flaws. O dear! Do not fall prey to your mind, even if the True Master scolds or beats you, be grateful. It is said-

“Sahib Ke Darbar Mein, Kami Kaahu Ki Naahi”
“Banda Mauj Na Paawahi, Chook Chaakri Maahi”
“Dwaar Dhani Mein Pada Rahe, Dhakka Dhani Ka Khaay”
“Kabahu Dhani Niwajahi, Jo Darr Chhor Na Jaay”

O, beloved! It is always better for a fish to remain inside the water and for a disciple to remain in the True Master’s shelter for this is the victory of the disciple’s life and he procures the true essence of life. Consistent service and reverence of the True Master cleanse the heart and a pure heart is where Hare Madhav Lord resides. When the service is performed abiding by True Master’s will, free of any & all desires and accepting oneself to be a devoted follower, then a devotee procures the eternal sacrament, wisdom and progress in the meditation.

The Present True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji through the selfless & endless service of True Master and unconditional service of Sadh Sangat since His childhood, became the possessor of eternal sacraments, and today, His Holiness spreads the earned sacrament to one & all and enlightens the glory of true Sewa through His Vaani and sacred discourses. Indeed, only the one who has immersed himself in the ambrosial colours of True Sewa and unified with the Supreme can help us tread on the same path. The tree that is abundant in healthy fruits would certainly be enriched with high nutrition. His Holiness, the idol of endless & selfless service, Jeevan Mukta Satguru glorifies the Sewa through His Vaani as-

||Sewa Aisi Nitt Karo, Nihkaami Hoye Sada Par Parwane Har Dham Hoye||
|| Staguru Sharan Ih Sev Te, Sabahu Param Gatt Paayi ||
|| Kaacha Sewak Adhogatt Paayi ||
|| Ih Karo Tu Sada Vichara ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Aisi Sev Sada Maange ||
|| Jyon Sev Karaave Taisi Haun Kariye ||

Even today, His Holiness engages in all kinds of Sewa, stands with His disciples and performs all services with His own two hands and in His own Samatva state. Every morning in the Hare Madhav Vatika, irrespective of the weather conditions, His Holiness stands with the disciples to perform the Sewa of planting the cereals, plough the farms with tractor and supervise the farming. We disciples sometimes witness this glorious form of the True Master and sometimes, He keeps it hidden from all of us. It is a supreme benevolence upon the whole world that His Holiness, even being the Lord’s form, goes through all the hardships to establish idols and principles of true Sewa so that we disciples can learn the art to serve in the True Master’s feet unconditionally and devotedly.

Dear disciples! When you come in the presence of an Accomplished True Master then you naturally procure His grace and many great sacraments but sometimes we are separated from His holy shelter because of our own unvirtuous karma and ill-deeds, but we should not give up or abandon His shelter, we must stay firmly. No matter a devotee is virtuous or sinful, his welfare is certain if he consistently adheres to the Lord True Master’s shelter for its always beneficial and benevolent. All of us have been blessed with the divine shelter of His Holiness Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji. In the holy feet of True Master, only the service done with pure heart and humbleness holds value. Now, it is our prime duty to hold such moral values and devoted sentiments. Hold onto His Holiness’s shelter tightly and do not slip away in Kaal’s moat.

Thus, let us plead, O Lord True Master! Bless us with the awakening strength to us dormant souls. Strengthen us for Your Sewa, Satsang, Simran, love and devotion. Accept our humble plea. We constantly seek forgiveness and a permanent place in Your pious refuge. Grace us Babaji, have mercy upon us. O Satguru! All the forces of the universe long to serve You, yet You have blessed a lowly being like me with Your glorious Sewa, it is all Your abundant grace.

|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Aisi Sev Sada Maange, Hare Madhav Purakha Piyare ||
|| Jyon Sev Karaave Taisi Haun Kariye ||

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav