|| Hare Madhav Dayal Ki Daya ||

Sadhsangata Ji! On the pious occasion of Avtaran Diwas off the possessor of bhajan Simran, beloved Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Ji, come, let us imbibe the divine sermons and vaani of His Holiness’s countless merciful spectacles and the magnificent glory with utmost love. Devotees seated in the pious shelter of Parmatava Lord True Master, the possessor of Bhajan-Simran, with folded hands, Hare Madhav to all

Vaani Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji

|| Jab Jab Hoye Aatam Dharm Haani, Satt Satt Saache Roop Pragatae ||
|| Aatam Jyot Ghat Ghat Jagaye, Jaisa Satguru Purukha Pragatae ||
|| Naam Mahima Anaam Badhaave, Chahun Orr Uttam Vivek Jagae ||
|| Manmukh Gurumukh Ban Ban Aavae, Aisi Satpurukh Jagaavee ||

The divine ecstatic Vaani of the Satsang today has been vocalized by Allfather His Holiness Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji. His Holiness vocalizes that Accomplished, Supreme and manifested form of the Almighty True Masters incarnate in this mortal world time & again, in every era for the welfare and betterment of all souls. Since the hour of incarnation, Their life holds only one true purpose; to eradicate all malice and darkness within the being’s mind. They end the evil traits of a being and empower them with virtuous traits while bestowing them with the strength of the supreme truth and supreme devotion.

Shri Ramayana sings the glory of the manifested form of Almighty such that;

‘Jab Jab Hoye Dharm Ki Haani, Baadhahi Asur Adham Abhimani’
‘Karahi Aneeti Jaye Naahi Varni, Seedahin Vipra Dhenu Sur Dharni’
Tab Tab Prabhu Dhar Vividh Sharira, Harahi Kripanidhi Sajjan Peera’

Lord Shiva explains the significance of the divine incarnations to Mata Parvati; O Parvati! To answer the call of time, for the welfare of the beings, Almighty Lord manifests in human form. Lord Vishnu incarnated in the form of Narsimha to protect Prahlad, similarly, formless Almighty Lord, in every changing era, incarnates as an Accomplished True Master for the establishment of Chaitanya Dharam. They sometimes incarnate in a Nimitt form and sometimes in a Nitya form. The Nimitt form is a manifestation abundant in strength and might, and occurs in a specific era for eradication of a specific evil whereas Nitya form, the True Master. Incarnates for the liberation of beings trapped in the illusions of Kaal-Maya. To incline the worldly beings towards spirituality, to fill the lives of suffering beings with joy, to transcend the beings from a state of selfishness to selflessness, to bestow the wisdom of Amrit Naam, to enlighten the supreme truth in the slumbering minds, to introduce the beings to their own true selves, to fill the soundless world with the sweet melodies of the Supreme, to encourage the duties of true spirituality among beings, to blossom and flourish the barren life of all beings, the Nitya form incarnates. They are the manifested form of the Almighty Lord with no difference between the two. They encourage reverence, end the egos and preach of only the one Supreme Truth while dwelling in it. They are the idol of Oneness, and through the prowess of this Oneness, They strengthen every soul with reverence.

|| Jab Jab Hoye Aatam Dharm Haani, Satt Satt Saancha Roop Pragatae ||

|| Aatam Jyot Ghat Ghat Jagaye,Taisa Satguru Purukha Pragatae ||

|| Naam Mahima Anaam Badhavae, Chahun Orr Uttam Vivek Jaagae  ||

We are immensely fortunate to have procured the shelter, congregation and blessings of His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji. The glory of His Holiness’ divine company is indescribable and infinite. It is being sung since eons. The land that He steps on turns from barren to blossom, all the sorrows turn into joy.

The holy Gurbani states;

‘Saa Dharti Bhayi Hariyavali Jithe Mera Satguru Baitha Aaye’
‘Se Jant Bhaye Hariyavale Jini Mera Satguru Dekhiya Jaaye’
‘Dhann-Dhann Pita Dhann-Dhann Kul, Dhann-Dhann  Su Janani Jin Guru Janiya Maay’
Dhann-Dhann Guru Jin Naam Aradhiya Aap Tariya, Jini Ditha Tina Lae Chhaday’
‘Har Satguru Melahu Daya Kar, Jan Nanak Dhovae Paay’

Dear soul! We’ve witnessed ourselves, what our state of mind was before coming to the congregation of the True Master and what it is today. Today, by the blessings of the Present True Master, all the souls are bearing the sweet fruits of Sewa, Satsang, Simran and Dhyaan. Beings of all towns, states, countries and countries are being blessed and are filling their lives with utmost joy. His Holiness True Master has introduced our lives to the path of spirituality and has acquainted us with the true purpose of this human life.

Hare Madhav Yatharth Santmant Vachan Updesh 190 states- Certainly, Accomplished True Masters appear differently, are worshipped by different names but the ultimate purpose of Their incarnation remains one; to manifest the divine elixir of Bhajan-Simran and to help the long lost beings to attain it, be it a Gurumukh or a Manmukh. True Masters bestow Their blessings upon all without any discrimination.

The Satsang Vaani states-

|| Manmukh Gurmukh Ban Ban Aavae, Aisi Jugati Satpurukh Jagaavae ||
|| Mangal Raag Sab Jan Gaavae, Sahaj Sahaj Satt Khek Khilavae ||

The context being, it is only in the divine company of a True Master that eradicates the malice of mind and immerses it in the true color of the Holy Word. Sadhsangat Ji! The holy land of Madhav Nagar is filled with the fragrance of love & devotion for Hare Madhav Lord, this is a land where His Holiness performed divine spectacles in His childhood and blessed all with the path of Supreme Truth. His Holiness earned the love of previous Masters in His time as a disciple. On 18th November 1975, the possessor of Bhajan-Simran True Master Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji incarnated. In the holy hour of His Holiness’s incarnation, nature rejoiced, rays of the sun gleamed and all four directions only had joy and peace. The world was filled with colors of divinity, the farmlands adorned the land with its golden crops like a golden glitter, and there was joy and merry all around.

The wind sang blissful hymns of love, Lord Indra poured rains as He rejoiced, the moonlight became serene and calming, Gods of heaven were filled with merry and delight to witness the divine incarnation, all of the worlds was illuminated with the supreme radiance, the plea of all disciples was now answered, the happiness the hearts felt and the ocean of the joy was extraordinary. The scene that manifested before the eyes were out of this world.

The true torchbearer of the spirituality of this century, to eradicate the darkness within the beings, to enlighten them through His divine spectacles, to awaken the slumbering souls; the source of endless love, the radiant sun of spirituality, the uplifter of this mortal world, to bestow universal spiritual teachings, to liberate the souls wandering since ages, to inline beings onto the spiritual path; the possessor of Sewa, Satsang, Simran-Dhyan, the bestower of the Holy Word, His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji incarnated on this mortal land. On the auspicious day of 18th November 1975, E. 14 Katti Sanvat 2032 Vikran Kartik Mas, Gurunanak Jayanti, on the day of Tuesday, at 12:48 am, to bless and to uplift the beings of this world, His Holiness incarnated in a human form. His Holiness’ grandfather revered Shri Hundaldas Peswani Ji, grandmother revered Smt Nanakidevi Peswani Ji, father revered Shri Tarachand Peswani Ji, mother Smt Hemadevi Peswani Ji was bestowed with the fortune of His kinship. The Vedas celebrate such blessed families and call its members fortunate and the land where Lord True Masters manifest, full of virtues.

In the divine hour of His Holiness’ incarnation, the exquisite radiance spread in all four directions, people filled with joy & amazement and hurried to procure the glimpse of His Holiness. Everyone then thanked their fortune to have procured the glimpse of the True Master’s infant form.

Amma Nanaki Devi Ji held His Holiness in Her arms and arrived in the divine congregation of Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji. His Holiness spoke of deep divine secrets with Amma Ji and rightfully named His Holiness. The Master of the True Might His Holiness Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji and the One with the Supreme, through His divine sight, gazed upon the Child and vocalized that this Child has incarnated with the Supreme Radiance, through His perpetual treasure of Bhajan-Simran, He shall bless all mankind with Satguru Bhakti, Satguru Naam, Satguru Sewa and Satsang. He shall unveil great mysteries of spirituality through His divine spectacles. The Lord True Master conveyed to Amma Ji the true divinity of His Holiness, His spiritual prowess, His divine will, the true purpose of His incarnation and told Amma Ji to keep these revelations hidden. Satguru Baba Narayan Shah Sahib Ji named His Holiness as such that He foresaw through His divine vision, brimming with Godlike values, His Holiness was named ‘Ishwar’

Since the beginning, the sscriptures proclaim that the mystic spiritual powers have been incarnating since the inception of life.

‘Har Jugah Jugo Jug Jugah Jugo Sad Peedhi Guru Chalandi’
‘Jug Jug Peedhi Chalae Satguru Ki Jini  Gurmukh Naam Dhyaya’

The mysteries of divine Leelas of Previous Supreme Masters can only be revealed by Their enlightened successors. Lord True Masters possess the might of Almighty Lord.

The flowing of spiritual prowess from the Accomplished True Master to His enlightened Successor can be deemed as kindling a divine lamp with the other divine lamp. The Accomplished True Masters, on leaving the mortal body, transfer Their supreme light to another mortal body. Certainly, the physical form keeps changing with time & era but what remains unchanged is the supreme divine light.

Sadhsangat Ji! Even in His childhood, His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji enthralled the beings through various mystic Leelas which is an open book today. The divine glint in His eyes, supreme radiance on His forehead, gentle & sweet smile on His adorable face always captured everyone’s affection & hearts. His Holiness would meditate with all His soul for long hours. Hare Madhav Bhanga Sakhi Vachan Updesh 84 states, in His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji’s childhood, an old sage would often see Him meditating profoundly. In the year of 2006, the sage came in the Hare Madhav congregation and narrated his experience to sewadars, “In the holy childhood of His Holiness, I saw divine chakras in His lotus feet and spiritual lines on palms. I then realized that this child was certainly an accomplished & enlightened persona. He had not arrived on this mortal land to fulfill the worldly chores but bless the beings with divine spiritual fruits for sure. Now, I’m fortunate enough to witness Lord True Master Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji gracing the beings with supreme wealth & radiance of His Bhajan Simran; I truly praise my destiny to have witnessed such Supreme True Master’s enlightened divine spectacles in His divine child form.”

Sadhsangat Ji! His Holiness would inspire His siblings to meditate & sing holy hymns wholeheartedly. He, out of simple & shy nature, would often remain in blissful silence & dwell in His Paramatv ecstasy. Adorned with the purity of heart, humility, serenity, people would regard Him as ‘Sant Ji’ or ‘Bhagat Ji’. His Holiness would often sit for meditation in Baba Madhav Shah Udyaan (Garden) which had a great impact upon the elderly visitors and then He would explain to those curious elders about the supreme blissful abode through His sermons & Vaanis.

His Holiness would focalize His mind and remain engrossed in meditation & Sewa. In the divine ecstasy of True Master’s love, He would remain in the blissful silence all day long with a supremely sweet smile. Even at the school hours, His consciousness remained affixed in the Naam. His teachers would address Him with the name of Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji. During exams, His Holiness would begin by writing the name of His Satguru Sahiban ji in the answer sheets. In the notebooks, He would write profound spiritual words in the section of name, class & subject. Dear devotees of Hare Madhav Lord! The Possessor of Bhajan Simran True Master’s each and every cell is illuminated with divine light and we beings must kindle our inner self through true devotion towards Him.

Through the magnificence of His Bhajan Simran, His Holiness has revealed the mystic spectacles of the Previous True Masters. Many of the elder disciples acknowledge that they could not understand, Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji wanted to bless them with immense eternal light through divine spectacles in mysterious ways, but the key to unlock the previous True Masters’ mysteries is being bestowed upon all the disciples today by His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwarshah Sahib Ji through His divine sermons, which is cent percent correct and open to all, which is absolutely true, today the souls are awakening by listening to those merciful Leelas, and are deepening the devotion for True Master.

As a devotee in His childhood, during Sewa, He would remain immersed in the elixir of devotion, and the same ecstasy when He would reach home, gathering all the siblings, He would sing the hymns of supreme elixir and sister Anju would play dholak. He would encourage His siblings to meditate upon Satguru Naam. In His divine ecstasy, He would sit and make them all practice meditation.

Dear devotees of Hare Madhav Lord! A common man can’t even comprehend how much effort the Accomplished True Master makes to bestow the true joy of devotion to the entire mankind. As a disciple, He would sing holy hymns, while singing He would step into the valley of profound love for His True Masters, and His consciousness would travel to highest spiritual realms. Such is the glory that even the listeners would feel a connection of their soul with the supreme. Dear devotees! This is the greatest state of spiritual accomplishment of True Masters. Holy hymns sung by the enlightened Beings aren’t the ordinary ones because Their soul is purely attached to the Almighty Lord. The endless grandeur & ultimate message of Lord Almighty can only be sung & conveyed to us beings by the Accomplished True Masters through Their Vaanis. Then, these divine Vaanis and verses are compiled in the form of Granths or scriptures.

The Satsang Vaani further describes the glory of True Master-

|| Mangal Raag Sab Jan Gaavae, Sahaj Sahaj Satt Khel Khilavae ||
|| Dharam Ki Jay Jay, Adharm Haare, Aisi Leela Swaang Kar Vartaaye ||
|| Satsang Sewa Bhajan Aanand, Bahe Triveni Tab Santon ||
|| Jay Jay Hoye Alakh Santmate Ki, Satguru Pragtae Santon ||

The Present True Master flows the blissful stream of Sewa, Satsang & Simran Dhyaan, further Vaani glorifies as –

|| Satsang Sewa Bhajan Aanand, Bahe Triveni Tab Santon ||

In His divine child form, His Holiness would possess utter inclination & love towards the meditation of Holy Word. Even after dedicating all day to devotion, He would always be keen to dive deeper & deeper into the true self. Like His True Masters, He would discover the ways to rise above the traits of mind & false captivation of senses & body and stabilize the mind in meditation without distractions. The divine child His Holiness always dwelled in the higher spiritual realms performed countless invisible mystic leelas.

The possessor of Bhajan Simran His Holiness’ soul had risen beyond the realms of sthoola, sookshma & kaarana in the supreme enlightened state and His dwelling in this mortal world was just the fulfillment of physical duties of the human form.

His Holiness was never fascinated by materialistic things like any other child of His age, rather He’d dwell in the divine carefree ecstasy. He would spend maximum time in the Sewa of His beloved Satguru devotedly. After fulfilling the Sewa, He’d go to some lone place to meditate upon Satguru Naam without bothering about time and health. Assuming the land as His carpet, He’d sit there for unperturbed meditation and His soul would rejoice the oneness with the Supreme. His Holiness Babaji was completely blessed by His beloved Masters invisibly. He’d spend every moment in the True Master’s devotion, service, meditation & love without bothering about Himself. Amma Nanki Devi ji and Guru Mata Hema Devi Ji were well aware of His nature that without saying anything, He’d dwell in blissful silence. He would even accept the sickness as His Satguru’s sweet will and would remain silent. A devotee praises His glory as-

|| Prem Bhakti Ke Ban Unnayak Jan Jan Ko Nihaal Karein ||
|| Aakul Vyaakul Virah Darad ke, Hridayon Mein Aanand Bharein ||
|| Saumya Manoram Nij  Sushma Se, Tribhuvan Ke Bhram Taap Harein ||
|| Sukh Shaanti Ki Daat Paakar, Sakal Kalesh Swaymev Jarein ||

The divine child His Holiness would always dwell in the Supreme higher realms but wouldn’t reveal it to anyone. Dear Disciples! When such Supreme beings prescribe even ash or soil to the beings, it becomes a cure. The illusory & perishable temptations or Maya of this world could never fascinate Him since childhood, and then the Maya itself became the dust of His holy feet. His way of living was far different from that of other children. His Holiness was always fond of ‘Solitude’. All the elements of this nature bow in His reverence and the supernatural powers rest in His lotus feet. This creation is merely an illusion for the Enlightened & Accomplished True Master.

It is an undeniable fact that whenever the Supreme Beings incarnate for the welfare of us beings, Their persona and aura reflects the divine traits & mystic signs right from Their childhood.

O beloved disciples of Hare Madhav Lord! Only the Accomplished True Masters lay the path of spirituality in this illusory world-

|| Jay Jay Hoye Alakh Santmate Ki, Satguru Pragtae Santon ||

Saint Kabir resided in a small hut but His glory remains eternal because of His devotion whereas Alexander the great went empty-handed even after conquering the world; Mata Shabri too lived in a simple hut and yet is revered; Saint Ravidas, Bhagat Namdeo is also worshipped because of Their pure love, devotion and reverence towards Their True Masters.

Dear Devotees! The incarnation of Accomplished True Masters has always been for the upliftment of souls. Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta explains-

“Ajoapi Sa anyayatma Bhootnaami Shwaroapi San”
“Prakrati Swamdhishthaay Sambhavaamya Aatma Maayayaa”

Ajah means ‘unborn’, Avyaatmaa means ‘indestructible form’, Bhootnaam means ‘of all beings’, Ishwar means ‘Lord’, San means ‘even after being’, Swaam means ‘of oneself’, Aatmamaayayaa means ‘through His internal energy’, Sambhavaami means ‘incarnates’.

Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji explains in the Hare Madhav Yatharth Santmat Vachan Updesh 248 that when the Almighty Supreme Lord incarnates in the form of a human, even in the infant state, He is full of spiritual might and light. He manifests with the radiance of the sun of Chaitanya-Dharam. Living among the mortal beings, He performs extraordinary Leelas. The great scholars, sages and Siddhas were left wondering stuck on witnessing Divine Child’s extraordinary and mystic spectacles. God and Goddesses come down in different forms just to witness these divine spectacles. Understanding the mystery of these spectacles is way beyond the human wits. True Master’s innocence, His divine spectacles strengthen the devotion in disciples which is beneficent to them.

This spectacle is extracted from the Hare Madhav Bhanga Sakhi Vachan Updesh 103; one of the childhood friends of His Holiness narrated a godly spectacle of His Holiness’ divine childhood; one day, all of them were playing in-ground and Babaji went a bit farther and sat in solitude. His Holiness picked some small thick sticks lying around, burnt them and then extinguished the fire. Then Babaji picked those sticks with His small delicate hands and threw them on the ground and began blowing air with His mouth. There was a utensil containing water nearby, He picked it up and spilled the water. Then His Holiness picked up stones and mud, threw them away and slowly whispered some deep sermons. His face bore a radiant divine smile and reflected rays of ultimate wisdom. His Holiness in his Chaitanya ecstasy smilingly repeated this play again and again. Dear Sangat! Only the True Master Himself knows the secrets behind such profound mysteries; and these mysteries are disclosed with time for the salvation of souls.

Dear Sangat, a yogi covered in ashes and with long rope-like stranded hair was sitting at some distance and watching this wondrous play of His Holiness. The yogi was very old & had earned numerous supernatural powers. The curious yogi, on seeing those mystic plays, got up from his deer-skinned mat and came near His Holiness. The divine child His Holiness greeted and asked him to sit. The yogi then sat down on the ground.

The yogi said, “I’ve been curiously watching You play with the mud & sticks; at first I thought of You as a small child playing around but then, I saw a divine gleam in Your eyes which attracted me towards You. When I tried to assess all this through my inner eyes, I procured the glimpse of Your enlightened, vast, profound Parmatva form. My conscience guided me that You are a Supreme Being in the form of a child. At first, I was looking at your child form, hence you appeared an ordinary child to me, but now I can see an eternal radiance on your face. O Lord Almighty in the form of a divine child! I am highly curious to understand and experience the divine pleasant spectacle You were playing.”

The yogi bowed in reverence and pled with folded hands, “Please unravel the mystery behind this spectacle so that I can also strengthen my Tapa.”  His Holiness, with a divine smile, “Forget about these plays Yogi ji! You are elder; you won’t understand these small plays.” Yogi Ji replied with folded hands, “I am a seeker & You’re the Master.

O, divine child! The age is bound only to the physical form, & the spectacles You played were beyond the physical form. O Unborn Lord! O Liberated Lord! Grace me with at least a bit about Your mystic spectacles, bless me with your divine words.”

His Holiness vocalized such divine Vaani-

|| Satguru Mohe Le Gayo, Ik Ajab Desh Ik Nyara Aatam Desh ||
|| Kaal Karam Na Dharam Na Tahaa, Naahi Rank Raaja Tahaan ||
|| Naahi Aad Anta Na Anant, Na Ahankaara Na Nirankaara ||
|| Tahaan Vyaape Bahu Anant Sunna Taara ||
|| Naahi Saach Jhoot Ke Mele Tahaan, Naahi Rudra Mahesha Ke Chele Tahaan ||
|| Naahi Man Budhhi Indra Ke Chaala, Jag Mein Main Vartun Advait Chaala||
|| Tan Chetan Bramha Hindola Na Dhaare, Naahi Raam Vashisht Ko Samvaad Vichaare ||
|| Aisa Shabad Tatva Saar Shabad Chitaya, Tis Shabad Ki Anant Dal Maaya ||
|| ‘Daas Ishwar’ Aise Chaman Ki Baat Kahe ||
|| Vedan Kath Kath Anant Kahaa, Hare Madhav Purakh Chaaya ||
|| Aatam Nij Prakaash Ki Baat Kahe ||
|| Hoye Je Poora Guru Shishya Chela, Soyi Jaane Mast Hast Humari ||

His Holiness explained to the Yogi about the deep mystic and eternal experiences of ultimate abode, beyond birth and death, and for the devotees, His Holiness vocalized these sermons in a simplified manner, “Yogi ji! I spilled the water to see whether the ultimate truth was flowing or not; I dwell completely in the ecstasy of supreme truth & I was analyzing its unchangeable nature. The stone and the soil I threw were to test if the divine gleam of the ultimate truth could be spoiled or stained by the stone, or soil, but there was not the slightest difference in the unchangeable ultimate truth. The supreme light is eternal, everlasting and this creation is a wondrous spectacle that has originated from the supreme eternal light; this is the ultimate truth. Yogi ji! The possessor of Bhajan- Simran, Liberated True Masters rejoices in the state of ultimate truth, in the state of Parmatva while fulfilling Their earthly duties.”

The divine child His Holiness vocalized, “Before I lit the fire, I could see the unchanged ultimate truth and even after extinguishing it I found no change in the state of ultimate truth which means the fire could not burn it at all. Then I blew the air to see whether the ultimate truth was moving or not, but it did not move even a bit which meant the wind or storm could not blow it away because it remained the same before and after the winds. This supreme truth cannot be discovered in mountains or caves; it’s useless searching for it outside.”

His Holiness further vocalized, “The way a rich man rejoices on seeing his wealth, a powerful person rejoices on attaining the worldly power/position, similarly the ones who possess the treasure of Bhajan-Simran, whose soul is settled at the highest realm, where the limits of soul and Supreme end, They rejoice in the divine ecstasy of Their divine possession. Just like children scoring good grades, share their joy with everyone in excitement, similarly, the spiritual possessors rejoice in the eternal ecstasy. Yogi ji! I rejoice in the eternal ecstasy, the worldly temptations do not please me.”

The yogi bowed down to revere and said, "O unborn Lord! The ultimate truth I was searching for, I practiced austerity for years, learned the Vedas and scriptures too, but failed to find it. Today, upon being blessed to see Your eternal spectacle and knowing the mystery behind it, I am experiencing true contentment, today I have gained the essence of life, I have found the supreme nectar. I am blessed, I am highly blessed.”

He started reciting this Sanskrit shloka of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta -

“Antavant Imen Deha Nityasyoktaah Sheeririnaha
Anaashino Uprameyasya Tasmadyudhyasva Bhaarat”

Sadhsangat Ji! Lord Shri Krishna also mentioned this state; Shri Guru Nanak also mentioned the supreme truth in his verses that the Supreme Beings are not bound by birth or death.

Sadhsangat ji! It is true that it is impossible to describe all the spectacles of Huzur Satguru Maharaj Ji’s divine childhood or to bound His divine mysteries in words. All the noble beings who have witnessed the divine childhood & spectacles of His Holiness are truly fortunate & blessed. Saint Kabir ji says-

Sab Dharti Kaagad Karu, Lekhni Sab Banraay”
“Saat Samudra Ki Masi Karu, Guru Gun Likha Na Jaaye”

No words can suffice the glory of the Enlightened True Master-

“Guru Gun Likha Na Jaai”

He Further vocalized –

“Hari Seti Harijan Bade, Samjh Dekh Man Maahi”
“Kahe Kabir Jag Hari Bikhe, Hari Harijan Maahi”
“Mool Dhyaan Guru Roop Hai, Mool Pooja Guru Paav”
“Mool Naam Guru Vachan Hai, Mool Satya Sat Bhaav”

Meaning that the True Master’s magnificence is far greater than the Almighty God. The remembrance of Lord True Master is the basis of true Dhyana; one should meditate upon True Master’s form with a pure heart & worship His lotus feet. One must regard the ambrosial Vaanis vocalized by Lord True Master as ‘Satya Naam’ and imbibe them with love. Abandoning the path of Satguru is but the sheer waste of this precious human birth.

The incarnation of Lord True Master among us beings is an indication of our good fortune. The possessor of Bhajan Simran His Holiness through His ideal sermons & true wisdom enlightens mankind.

After many years, in October 2011, the yogi came to attend the Varsi Parv. He sat among the Sangat and while procuring the Darshana of His Holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, his consciousness rose to the higher realms. Later, he narrated his experience to a disciple, “Today countless people are being benefitted with spiritual gains and True Master’s grace, but I had received this divine Prasad from His Holiness many years in His divine childhood itself when He played various mystic spectacles. Since then I realized that His Holiness was Jeevan Mukta, Videhi Mukta; and would play the leelas beyond birth & death. He would also unravel the mysteries of Sthit Pragya.

The Satsang Vaani further states -

|| Jagmag Jag Mein Ghar Angan Mein, Aatam Mangal Bhagya Jage||
|| Jo Satguru Satt Roop Pragate, Jo Satguru Satt Roop Pragate||
|| Kahe ‘Madhav Shah’ Suno Santo Anhad Dhur Se Uthe Satt Roop Ki Jyot Dhaara||
|| Dhara Roop Jagat Mein, Satya Haq Ki Kare Mahima Badd Badaayi||

His Holiness, Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji states that the Accomplished True Master possessing the treasure of Bhajan-Simran, has enlightened the state of Jeevan Mukta, Videhi Mukta and Parmatva within themselves. Such incarnated True Master is the kalpavriksha (wish-fulfilling tree) who bestows the souls with true love, true devotion, the true way of purifying the mind and meditating upon Lord and guiding them to the true abode. They show such grace without revealing it. With the commandment of Hare Madhav Lord, such True Master reveal Their true divine form or else it is impossible for us earthly beings to recognize Their form. A curious scholor asked His Holiness Satguru Baba Madhav Shah Sahib Ji,  O Accomplished True Master! You live in this mortal form in the Malokhadi state and play endless spectacles to liberate the beings. O Satguru! There are countless Gurus and Satguru in this world and assemblies of spiritual talks, so how do we beings recognize the True Guru who has incarnated from the supreme abode?

His Holiness smiled and said, your quires are intellectual gyani ji (wise man), let me explain to you eternal and supreme law that the supreme being who vocalizes the ambrosial Vaani of Lord who conveys the commandment of Lord through ambrosial Vaani. Only He is the one who has arrived from the abode of Supreme Lord. Only such True Master can eradicate the darkness of ignorance and bestow the beings with Supreme enlightenment. One must surrender his ego and I-ness and adhere to the love and devotion towards such True Master.

O devotees! In this present era, the possessor of Bhajan-Simran Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji vocalizes the Dhur Vaani with the commandment of Hare Madhav Lord. His Holiness assumes the Malokhadi form and plays wondrous spectacles to guide the souls to enlightened Pramatva state. His Holiness has laid the foundation of the Hare Madhav divine sect to incline the beings towards the eternal Lord. O devotees! Such Vaani and sermons are compiled to form holy scriptures for the welfare of all. It is our foremost duty to listen to His Holiness’s Vaani regularly to awaken our conscience.

Satguru Baba Naryan Shah Sahib Ji proclaimed in Hare Madhav Yatharth Santmat Vachan Updesh 28, It is impossible to glorify even a single particle of the glory of liberated True Master. They themselves reveal their glory out of love and compassion.

The glory of such Jeevan Mukta Satguru is even beyond the Comprehension of Narad-Shard. Brihaspati, the lord of wisdom fails to Sing the glory of such True Master. The 33 crores of God and Goddesses long to procure the ultimate joy of Bing in the shelter of  Lord true master and thus, the Gods assume the form of humans and come to procure True Master’s blessings. The magnificence and the beneficence of such Accomplished True Master will always remain beyond the estimation.

A minuscule Can never know the grandeur of the vastness of Him. How can a tiny droplet fathom the vastness off an ocean. such is the Jeevan Mukta, Videhi Mukta, Parmatva Hariraya Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji.

Sadh Sangat Ji! Today on the auspicious incarnation day of Supreme lord Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahib Ji, let us all revere pray together with a sincere heart at the lotus feet of Bhagat Vatsal Sahib Ji, O treasurer of Bhajan Simran Satguru! O Hare Madhav Satguru lord! Kindly bestow us the divine sight and true wisdom, so that we can procure your enlightened, Paramatva Supreme form within, bestow us the true way to revere You, have mercy my Satguru Ji, My Hare Madhav Babaji.

|| Kahe Madhav Shah Sunaho Santo Anhad Dhur Se Uthe Satt Roop Ki Jyot Dhara ||
|| Dhara Roop Jagat Mein, Satya Hak Ki Kare Mahima Bad Bidai ||

Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav  Hare Madhav