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Hare Madhav Ruhani Bal Sanskar

His holiness Satguru Baba Ishwar Shah Sahibji preaches to serve by accepting the form of lord within all,Hare Madhav lord has blessed us with this priceless human birth blossom the breaths of life.there must be mellowness in speech,service to elders,sacredness towards society and country at large and kindness towards humanity to uplift the children in all sects of life. In this beautiful nursery of Hare Madhav Ruhani Bal Sanskar,along with academic knowledge,children are imparted with ethical wisdom too.with the imsense blessings of Satguru Babaji,each child shall become a visionary full of divine wisdom so that the latent knowledge within them enlightens.It’s important to remember that a narrow mind bores narrow thoughts and vice versa.Rising above all this ,Babaji imparts the soulful love and the wisdom of paramount oneness since childhood.